• Just Press the Button

    The PERS Console lets users get immediate help. Press either the wearable personal transmitter or Console button to receive assistance. Our medical alert system will identify who you are.

  • Get Immediate Contact

    The Console receives your signal right away and will automatically place a call. If you’re not able to speak, then we’ll send help immediately.

  • Say What You Need

    Our trained professional will talk directly to you to assess the help you need, and will stay on the line until assistance arrives.

  • Notify Your Caregivers

    We let you designate who to contact in the case of an emergency. Our operators will notify the individuals you’ve selected or emergency personnel.

Our Best Medical Alert Devices

Medihill Home PERS Cellular

Perform your daily home activities with confidence with our round-the clock protection

Medihill LifeBeacon

Get help wherever and whenever you need it. It is perfect for ensuring the safety outdoors

Medihill Health Tracker
Health Monitoring

Remotely collect and analyse health data to proactively ensure wellness with our cloud-based system

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