Medical Alerts are considered one of many great life-saving devices. Medihill has been offering Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) for more than two decades and is known among the top companies for Personal Emergency Response Systems. Medihill has the best range of Personal Emergency Response Systems that offer protection from home to anywhere nationwide allowing you to live independently.

We at Medihill on average receive 100-125 emergency calls on a daily basis from our customers who find themselves in a serious emergency and in need of assistance. Our customer’s trust and confidence bring great responsibility for the Medihill team and we as a team try every day not to fail to provide the fastest response and assistance during grueling times.

A brief intro on who we are?

We are Medihill and Medihill is an award-winning organization best known for offering quality monitoring services at a cost-effective price. Medihill is rated as A+ by the Better Business Bureau and validated by SecureTrust for commerce-related activities.

Few Insights on how PERS benefits!

Survey conducted by ForbesHealth and published in the form of an article in July 2022 states that “86% of Medical Alert System users say the devices have helped save them from an incident”

And not just that, every day our monitoring facility receives hundreds of calls demanding assistance. One definitely cannot predict when assistance may require due to a Medical Emergency. With PERS you definitely can have the satisfaction of professionals available for assistance during a Medical Emergency.  

Medihill has been helping its customers for over a decade now. Overall, we have helped many of our customers by sending the help they needed and are in continue to do so in case of a Medical Emergency, Burglar breach, and importantly as a fall is detected.

Medihill all Personal Emergency Response Systems provides fall detection monitoring through its advanced fall detection technology or fall detection devices allowing us to send help on time as a fall is detected.

How does PERS Work?

Medihill Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) and devices range from Home Alerts to portable Alerts providing coverage Nationwide. Medihill PERS has one common feature of having a Panic Button or Emergency Button that allows customers to notify us for help.

Emergency varies and ranges from having a break-in attempt to a medical condition. Personal Emergency Response Systems can play a vital role in receiving help on time during grueling times. We have experience as many Medical Alert users receive help at their home during a Medical Emergency or when in distress. Medical Alerts are a life-saving device for many of its users.

The Panic Button as pressed alerts a professional monitoring representative who informs and guides the local authorities to your home or your exact location for assistance.

A major concern for consumers

How Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) helps varies on your requirement. Often many consumers are confused and not provided with complete information and end up buying Alerts not meeting their requirements. Many consumers end up paying a hefty fee that they believe does not bring value to their services. It’s natural for any consumer for having negative feedback if requirements aren’t fulfilled.

If I pay an amount  for something and it’s not able to fulfill my requirements definitely I’ll have negative feedback about it and will hesitate again to make a purchase.

Often many consumers end up purchasing devices with a one-time payment. A similar device does not offer professional monitoring services as a consumer ends up calling authorities and providing all instructions by him/herself.

However, Medihill PERS comes with subscription services allowing us to professionally monitor and send help with just a push of a button. Our team knows you, where you are, and whom to contact, and sends relevant help as needed.

At Medihill, we don’t sell but resolve problems


We have a history of satisfied customers. Our certain belief is that we are operational because of our consumers who trust us to receive services as they expect. We try to resolve problems and not just have someone buy Medical Alert Devices .

Medical Alerts are a life-saving device, that’s a fact. We know it and many Medical Alerts System users have experienced it.

We certainly believe if a user pays for something they shall receive the maximum value and get services that meet their satisfaction and to accomplish that, it is very important for any firm to understand why there is a need for a Personal Emergency Response System. I hope we make sense!

Who needs a Medical Alert?

The majority of Personal Emergency Response Systems are used by seniors, Lone Workers, Adults, and kids depending on their requirements. Medical Alerts are considered life-saving devices and many users have received help on time during a medical emergency, break-in, injury at work, or as a fall is detected.

Medical Alerts help you live independently and allow you to receive help from local Authorities when needed.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) can help:

  • If you are a Senior and Live alone
  • If you are a Lone Worker
  • If you have a medical condition
  • If you are diabetic or a heart patient
  • If your loved one stays far and wants to be informed during an emergency
  • If you often fall during sleep and require hefty efforts for receiving help
  • If you are a Senior and still drive
  • If you are a senior and participate in outdoor activities

There are many other reasons as you must know by now if you are really in dire need of a Medical Emergency Alert System .

How to choose the best Medical Alert?

Many consumers are confused here and many sales representatives do not even care for asking or providing information to the consumer at the time of purchase.

There are mostly two types of Medical Alerts and how they work is simple yet it depends on your requirements. You should be very specific with your requirements as a professional PERS comes with a Monthly Monitoring Fee.

  1. PERS for Home – Alerts that protect and provide monitoring in your home. If you live at home mostly and do not very often travel or participate in outdoor activities far from home this Medical Alert will perfectly fit your requirements. This Alert can also be activated through a Landline if a customer does not have a cellular phone or signals are poor in the area. You may check out the link for more information. Medical Alert for home
  2. Portable PERS – Portable PERS help and provide coverage Nationwide. If you very often travel and participate in outdoor activities, a portablePERS will be a perfect fit. You may check out the link for more information. Portable Medical Alerts

I hope this article helps bring you knowledge about Personal Emergency Response Systems and why Medical Alerts are considered life-saving devices. Reach our sales team at 866.633.4445 if you may have queries related to PERS or if have any concerns about which Emergency Alert may fit best for your daily need. At Medihill we take pride in our products, our team, and we will be prouder if we can resolve any of your problems or concerns.

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