Taking Patient Monitoring to the Next Level

The needs of the senior population are evolving. Life expectancy is increasing, and a large number of senior citizens will lead independent, active, engaged, and highly digital lives. Simultaneously, how elderlies need to be cared for is changing. Modern healthcare providers need more agile healthcare solutions, better engagement with senior patients at home and on the-go, and care delivery that retains the seniors’ identity, dignity and choice. To enable people, especially older generations live more safely and independently, Philadelphia-based Medihill was established to handle ‘any emergency, anytime, anywhere,’ with their 24/7 smart healthcare monitoring facilities. The innovative technology company provides an extensive range of personalized data solutions for emergency response, telehealth services, and cloud-based monitoring that save human lives through timely detection and qualified medical assistance agreeing with how people wish to live and age. Medihill addresses the monitoring needs of not just seniors but the rising number of people concerned about their safety and health or afflicted with any illness. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has highlighted the importance of patient monitoring by citing a study by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. According to the study, hospital patients who suffered a heart attack while being electronically monitored had a 48 percent chance of survival, while patients who were not monitored had just a 6 percent chance of survival. Facilitating a safer and healthier lifestyle with efficient healthcare monitoring, Medihill provides services that include in-home or/and on-the-go emergency response, vital signs wellness monitoring, custom home care, and more. Extending the services to users are the company’s medical alert devices which comprise the Medihill® Home PERS Cellular, Medihill® Home PERS Landline, Medihill HealthTracker (portable) and Medihill HealthTracker + Telehealth (portable). The same devices can be used for wellness monitoring which differentiates Medihill from other medical alert companies. The Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) allow patients to live independently and receive timely help when necessary. Though simple to use, they provide a sophisticated emergency alarm and notification system. Besides, the Fall Detection option automatically calls for assistance even if the patient is unable to speak. Medihill also enables hospitals to monitor patients’ health after their discharge to avoid unnecessary and expensive re-admissions. The company’s medical alert systems are recognized for quality, adaptability, and reliability. Our highly-trained operators will answer calls in 140 different languages. In the case of an emergency, Medihill can also notify the healthcare provider or delegated caretaker that the user can set up in the cloud portal. Through the cloud, the company also provides information to the caregiver about the vital signs of the patient in the past two weeks. Medihill’s sensors track movement or lack of it and can send an alert if the monitored person does not move for the whole day, does not get out of bed or does not open the refrigerator. Illustrating the role of Medihill’s products, one home care provider is able to attend to more serious patient cases first with the help of Medihill’s real-time display of the patients’ vital signs. In another instance, a lady was robbed, and her Medihill device was broken. The loss of signal drove Medihill to send the police that saved the lady’s life. Medihill uses and internalizes healthcare data more efficiently than its competitors. We are deploying AI to get more involved in patient monitoring and trying to provide an educated opinion about the patient’s condition. With long-term care at hospital facilities too costly alongside a dearth of caregivers for elderlies, Medihill is creating new analytical processes and improving their cloud base in preparation for the cost-economic combination of different kinds of monitoring into one equipment. Medihill has doubled their size and continue to expand. With customers across the U.S., the company is driven to serve and ensure the safety of every patient.

Article Reference:  Medihill: Taking Patient Monitoring to the Next Level by Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine

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