When someone is dealing with chronic health conditions, living alone can be scary. There are many things that can happen when you live alone, and you can never predict when they will happen.

If you or a loved one is dealing with chronic health conditions, a medical alert with a health monitoring system can help make sure you get the care you need.   Even if there are other people in the home, a problem related to your health can happen at any time.

Patients are continually monitored in the hospital, but what happens when they get home?   Here are some chronic conditions where health monitoring would be invaluable for you or someone you love. Here are just some of the examples:

  • Congestive Heart Failure –causes dizziness, fatigue, swelling and bloating and shortness of breath
  • High Blood Pressure- dizziness, feeling tired, weak or drowsy, loss of consciousness, heart attack, stroke
  • Kidney Failure- fatigue, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, water retention
  • Alzheimer's- disorientation of people and places that used to be familiar, may wander off, not able to complete tasks on their own, impaired language and communication

These are only a few of the many chronic conditions in which a health monitoring and medical alert system can be used.  

By using a health monitor to track a health condition, you or a loved one can be independent.   The health monitor connects with personal monitoring devices that have Bluetooth to keep track of readings.  

If someone has Diabetes for instance, and they check your blood sugar throughout the day, a glucometer can connect with the health tracker and send the results to a cloud-based system.   With permission, the doctor, family or caregiver can view the health readings on the cloud-based platform and analyze the results even if that person lives farther away.   If blood sugar levels get too high at certain parts of the day, the doctor can analyze the results and make suggestions or changes in medication.  

cloud-based portal   keeps healthcare providers and family up to date with readings pertaining to health condition. This helps doctors keep patients as healthy as possible by allowing him or her to monitor their patients on a daily or weekly basis and helps limit visits to the emergency room and hospital admissions.

The Medihill HealthTracker + Telehealth       system is mobile, small and easy to use. It has all the feature of Portable Medical Alerts we have including Fall Detection.   The device can be worn in the shower or bath.   Medical alert personnel can also be contacted through the health monitor if there is an emergency and you are not at home.This can help determine if a caregiver needs to be on site more often or other actions need to be taken to prevent deteriorate of any medical contition or health in general.

These are the types of medical monitoring devices that the health monitor works with:

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Oximeters
  • Scales
  • Glucometers

Having a chronic health condition doesn’t mean the end of independence. Monitoring health conditions can give peace of mind and empower patients with chronic conditions to have control over their health.

Being empowered to take control of chronic conditions means less trips to the emergency room.   Serious issues can be avoided with proper care from the comfort of your home. Loved ones can live longer and have a better quality of life.

Being prepared for an emergency is one of the best ways to ensure that help is there when you need it.   Having a health monitor system in place can not only help doctors and family members keep an eye on your health, it allows you to have the freedom to live your life and be as healthy as possible.


Other Medical Alert Systems from Medihill®


Medihill specializes in providing Personal Emergency Response Systems and Remote Patient Monitoring. We have many products to help seniors live longer independently in their homes.

Medihill® Home PERS Landline

This state-of-the-art PERS landline model is compact and can be placed on a tabletop. Due to its ability to be customized, it’s perfect for anyone needing extra security.

Medihill® Home PERS Cellular

This model does not require a landline because it works like a cellular phone. It has all the same features as the Medihill® Home PERS landline model.

Medihill® Portable PERS

In addition to our tabletop models, we also carry mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems. This allows users to take the medical alert device with them wherever they go in and outside of the home.

Additional features include:

Fall Detection Technology

Pendant/Wrist Convertible Transmitter

Fall Detection Pendant

For more information about all our landline, cellular, and mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems devices and their features, contact us now at 1-855-633-4445 or Order Online. We would love to help you feel safer everywhere you are.



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